Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Reflections - VAP

Throwing it back to September 2013 
and a Bomb Diggity Wedding in Montana! 

(Ing -  Throw Back Thursday is an Instagram thing! hehe)

Beautiful Wedding Day Hike in Seeley, MT with our bunk mates Katie & Joe

The SPOT! before all the magic happened.  Those mountains and blue sky kill me!

Going to see her hubby for the first time.... I had to walk away because I couldn't stop crying!

Amazing embrace between sisters.  You two are inspiring and beautful!

Blurry but one of my favorite pics :) Favorite bride!

The couple of the decade!  They have the most best friends of anyone in the world (and all over the world) the deepest sweetest love, crazy passion for life and adventure, ridiculous ability to have fun (even at 5:30am dancing and singing while packing lunches) goofy, silly, energetic and caring! 
 Everyone they touch is a better person because of Chris and Ingrid.  We are all SO blessed to be a part of your lives, Thank You.

We Love You!

Now go have an KICKIN' Honeymoon!!! 

grateful lover 

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