Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gratitude Lately - VAP

-first time drinks..... always good to meet new people and have that "first" drinks outing.  Especially when they last 4 hours! Invigorating conversation and energizing.  (plus got to bump into some fab people!)

-morning surprise! sweet sweet friend who brings care package before leaving for their honeymoon, with all my favorites! I mean really i'm a lucky gal

-leaving the littlest with his "Abo" with the biggest smile on his face while saying "Bye Mama, Bye Dadda"  always heart-melting

-dinner and drinks out with some of the best peeps around.  laughing, story-telling, hugging, kissing, drinking.... its just really fabulous! So blessed to have all these people in our lives!  even if I'm beat the next day....

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