Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How we Started

Victoria & Ingrid at Ings Wedding Sept. 2013

Thanks for visiting our Grateful For's Blog

We are Ingrid and Victoria, dear dear friends and grateful lovers (we just really wanted to be lovers of some kind!)  I wanted to share the story of how this all started.

Ing and I were out on a typical spur of the moment walk in the woods last spring, with our dogs and the H-man.  We were exploring what would soon be my new backyard!  She started telling me about this blogger she follows (something we love to share; our favorite bloggers!) This blogger would email with her friend everyday to express what she was grateful for!!   Ing was pretty cute and quietly asked if I would want to do the same!!   I said "YES!"  It was pretty fantastic.  That is when our grateful for's blossomed.  It changed our lives and deepened our relationship.  Our days are spent focusing on the great and what makes us feel full.  We have a crazy list going through text's and email but really wanted to put it all in one space. 

We hope you enjoy our blog and it helps inspire you to focus on the greatness in your life, because even the struggles are beautiful! 

Ing & V.

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