Friday, January 17, 2014

Blessings of New Life

There has been lots of new life and happiness surrounding me, I thought I should take more time than the traditional bulletin points.

First and foremost my niece was born yesterday!!!!!

Fiona Maria Parker, she is beautiful, perfect and the world now has one better person living on it.  Her parents are the type you really hope have children.  They will introduce her to everything, take her on adventures, keep her down to earth but very open minded.  They are thoughtful, caring, talented and wicked smart. We are very excited she is here and honored to call her our niece! I cant share a picture of her yet, but will someday don't worry! And we have already priced out the gas to drive down to her in February :)

Una Rose Mayer, I had the honor of meeting this little the other night.  It was suppose to be a quick visit because I needed to get home to my own little but I couldn't leave.  The energy in their home has tripled (which is impressive from where it was to begin with, such happy people). I was completely energized and excited after leaving, an 1 1/2 later.  They are in heaven and just completely over the moon.  They are so relaxed and just taking it all with a grain of salt.  When I asked Sharon, how she was handling Una crying her response was priceless..... "We laugh"  Not laugh in a mean way, they laugh at how silly and adorable the whole thing is.  This is another couple that we all want to procreate, so there are more people like them in the world!  PS her diaper changing area is the bomb!

Our House; we don't have a new baby but we do have a new atmosphere and liveliness. We made a change for January, we put everything second and our little family first. We limited electronics, mainly cell phones.  We don't touch them on Sundays and the evenings until the littles go to bed. Unless a moment is being capture by Iphone photo goodness. (new favorite ap is vscoscam) We have a large, flowery, calendar up on our kitchen wall.  It is our new bible with meals, cleaning, activities, shower schedule is all on it (all flexible and changes have already been made) The boys have better nighttime routine and are setting up their mornings before bed! Everything is going much smoother so our time together has proven to be SO much more enjoyable.  One thing we have also done, is fully established the Friday Night Pizza & Movie night.... it has been on going but for some reason now it feels sacred.  There was a local event going on tonight that I was interested in, but once I remembered what night it was, there was NOT A CHANCE!!! Missing this night would be sad, the thought of not making a bed of blankets on the floor, laughing, building pizzas..... I couldn't even. So much family goodness.
We were inspired by, yes a TV show, Parenthood.  We know it isn't reality, but they are pretty damn good at making it feel and look like reality.  Family's do all the things they do and they do it right.  Make mistakes and make memories.  The Bravermans have got it going on and they have helped us make a vision of what we want for our current and future lives!

Life is not always beautiful, it can be ugly but we are choosing to make our ugly beautiful too! 
Happy Friday!!

Much Love,

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