Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gratitude Lately

Grateful For

- little heads on my shoulder. nothing sweeter than reading with my two oldest, one on either side and having them both(!) rest their heads on me.  I couldn't stop smiling, inside and out!

-receiving the most amazing honeymoon itinerary in my inbox.  So great I will know where you are, when and make sure your flights have landed safely.  My anxiety will be a little higher while your skiing the alps but I will be picturing that insanely large smile on your face!

-a fun and hilarious phone call with your ridiculous man! you two are awesome :)

-pillow talk with my man

-enlightening drives to work, alone time that helps figure things out and enjoy the beauty of my life

I look at this everyone morning as I drive into work.  No matter the color of the sky it is beautiful!

grateful lover

The quote I have tried to live by since I was 15.

"Live everyday as though it is your last"
Ing, you are SO good at doing this, your honeymoon itinerary is the perfect example! 

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