Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grateful for:

- sincere interactions with strangers all day: new postman who loves our dog, adorable grandma at the grocery store, meaningful conversation at my favorite dog park. Some days it's nice to fly under the radar. Not yesterday, was lovely to see and feel human connection. Good stuff.

- bowling with good friends. it's hilarious, entertaining, and another chance to rock awesome socks. 

- the BEST girls night ever! my ladies continue to amaze and inspire me. they speak their truth, are insanely wise, and make me belly laugh. V, hands down best dinner convo. Ever. 
I drove home smiling. No joke. 
V, you're an old soul my dear. love ya to pieces!  

 -picking up swiss francs and euros at the bank today. enough said, this trip starts soon!

-surprise present in the mail from a favorite cousin. Christian, you have a heart of gold. love you. 

grateful lover

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